Dear Fete Supporters, please see the latest news about our plans for next year’s Fete that will be published in the Winter Edition of Melbourn Magazine. Please note that because of the pandemic we have had to cancel this December’s Turn On To Christmas.

Melbourn Fete Committee

Melbourn Fete 2021 : In these uncertain times we could all do with something to remind us of how life was before Covid and even more importantly something positive to look forward to.We at the Fete committee are desperate to put something together for next year. This is particularly true after cancelling the fete, open gardens and turn on to Christmas this year, which are essentially organised by the same team.Clearly we cannot predict what the situation will be early next summer and what we are able to safely organise. This poses some problems. Normally by now we would have booked some of the attractions; this we cannot do without risking losing a deposit. In addition once we get closer to the event and public health restrictions are clearer there will be an understandable surge by organisers of similar events locally to book the same attractions over a limited number of weekends.Our intention is to delay committing to any expense until we are more confident about public health restrictions. This will mean that the date of the event, normally the third weekend in June may have to be brought forward or delayed a few weeks to best cope with the situation. It also means that the content of the fete may be different to previous years.We will endeavour to try to do something. The best place to monitor our plans is through our facebook page. This will become more active from Spring 2021 as uncertainties start to reduce.We are looking forward to seeing you at an event soon.

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