Dear Friends of Melbourn Fete Committee, could this be the end of the road for Melbourn Fete?

The Melbourn Fete Committee have essentially remained the same group of friends who have been organising the event for 20 years. We have often asked for volunteers to join us and indeed we have a very enthusiastic group of people who offer their help for the event weekend itself. However, with the odd exception we have had no new joiners to the organising committee itself. The last couple of years have seen the event cancelled and that has given the committee members a chance to assess what they want to do about future commitments to the fete. Whilst some are happy to continue there were several resignations that mean the Fete committee is not viable.

We have the following choices:

a. the summer fete ending

b. a significant number of volunteers joining the organising committee

c. a fresh start with an entirely new group of volunteers taking over the

entire operation.

If you would like to be involved in saving our village fete I ask that you contact the fete committee through by the end of May.

It is important to note that the two fete offshoots, Melbourn Open Gardens and Turn on to Christmas are much smaller and simpler events and the present volunteers involved in these allow for their continuation. However, as always if you wish to be involved in these events your support would always be welcome.

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