This year’s theme is Farming. Here are the classes for those 16 years and under:

Drawing / Painting – 10 years and under

A drawing or painting on A4 paper with the theme ‘On the Farm’. This could be a landscape, farm animals, farm equipment or machinery or people. 

Poster Competition – 11 to 16 year olds

A poster, either A4 or A3 size, to encourage people to support British farmers or farming. It should be done on paper, in any medium, and can optionally be mounted on card.

Photography – 16 years and under

A black and white or colour photograph featuring any aspect of farming. This can include farm animals, farming landscapes, people,  or anything else related to farming. Your entry should be mounted on card.

Decorated Box or Tin – 10 years and under 

You should decorate a box with a farming theme. The box or tin can be any shape and any size up to about  shoe box size. Decorate it using paper, fabric, felt, papier mache, or whatever you choose. 

Lego Model – 16 years and under

Invent your own amazing Lego model with a farming theme – anything from a single object to a full scene is welcome. Please display your model in a box no larger than a shoe box or on a stiff card no bigger than 40cm X 40cm. 

Farmhouse Biscuits – 16 years and under

Entries should be 3 biscuits with a farming theme, such as using the shape or decoration of a farm animal or tractor. They should be presented nicely on a paper plate. 

General Rules

Entries cost 50p each. No more than 2 entires per person per class please.

All entries should have the person’s name and age on the back or bottom of the entry. Age will be taken into consideration by the judges. 

We must be able to pin entries in the painting and photography categories to a display board. They may be mounted on card, and the card will be pinned.

If you are a teacher or lead a youth group, we may be able to collect your entries. Please contact us by email at