Decorated Box or Tin – 10 years and under 

This is open to children 10 years and under. You should decorate a box with a farming theme. The box or tin can be round, square, or rectangular. It can be any size up to about shoe box size, and can be decorated using paper, fabric, felt, papier mache, or whatever you choose. Your age will be taken into consideration by the judges.

Quilting With a Farming Theme

Let your creativity shine! Create a quilted item, such as a wall-hanging or cushion cover, no larger than 60cm X 60cm, with a design related to agriculture / farming. This could be the fabrics you use or the overall picture.

Farmyard Soft Toy

Entries for this competition can be any type of stuffed toy with a connection to the farming theme, such as a farm animal, tractor, farmer, scarecrow etc. The toy should be a suitable size for a child and can be made using any craft, including sewing,, knitting, or crochet.