• Bringing together the village community to have fun and socialise by providing entertainment and refreshments for all ages;
  • Provide opportunities for local clubs, societies and charities to set-up stalls, raise their profiles, attract new members and provide entertainment to help with their fundraising;
  • Raising funds to be distributed to local good causes that benefit the village.


All members of Melbourn village and nearby villages are eligible for membership. The Committee year runs from the first meeting after the fete until the next post fete meeting approximately 1 year later.  Any new members joining part way through the Committee year will normally be unable to fulfill an elected role until the start of the next Committee year.  New Committee members will be accepted on to the Committee at a meeting. Committee members shall be defined by their details appearing on the Committee Contact List and having a Melbourn Fete Committee e mail address.


The Committee will consist of volunteers willing to:

  • organise and deliver the Fete,
  • attend and contribute to Committee meetings
  • be willing to take responsibility for specific areas of the FeteThe Committee will elect annually in an open ballot, at the start of the Committee year, from its membership, one separate volunteer for each of the following distinct roles:
  • The Chair to lead the committee, ensure that all members have a voice, co-ordinate the work of members and be the figurehead of the Fete
  • The Deputy Chair to provide support to the Chair and committee


    • The Treasurer to be responsible for the financial probity of all aspects of the Fete, to report back to the Committee at each meeting on the state of finances, produce Annual Accounts for independent audit. In addition the Treasurer will maintain an asset register detailing all the property belonging to the Melbourn Fete Committee.
  • The Secretary to take the minutes of each meeting, seek comments and agree them at the subsequent meeting, so that the Committee’s decision-taking is clear and accountable.THE WORKINGS OF THE COMMITTEE


    • A quorum will exist when double the number of elected committee members, including those elected members, are present ie. with a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary there must be a total of 6 (including elected members) present. This number must include at least 1 of the three elected members.
  • The committee shall be responsible for ensuring that all property/money received are used for the aims of the Melbourn Village Fete. All cheques must be signed by two authorised committee members


  • Each member of the committee shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority vote of those present. The Chair shall have both a deliberative and casting vote. The Chair’s casting vote shall be used only in the event of a tie.Changes or additions to the constitution must be made and noted in the minutes.In the event that the Fete Committee ceases to exist any remaining funds and assets will be lodged with the Parish Council and should be distributed for the benefit of the village 2 years after the final fete committee meeting in accordance with any decisions made by the Committee at their final meeting.